Generates a Chart from a set of features. Plots property values of one or more features.

  - X-axis = Property name, labeled by xProperties (default: all properties).

  - Y-axis = Property value (must be numeric).

  - Series = Features, labeled by seriesProperty (default: 'system:index').

All properties except seriesProperty are included on the x-axis by default.

Returns a chart.

ui.Chart.feature.byProperty(features, xProperties, seriesProperty)ui.Chart
featuresFeature|FeatureCollection|ListThe features to include in the chart.
xPropertiesList, optionalOne of (1) a property to be plotted on the x-axis; (2) a list of properties to be plotted on the x-axis; or (3) a (property, label) dictionary specifying labels for properties to be used as values on the x-axis. If omitted, all properties will be plotted on the x-axis, labeled with their names.
seriesPropertyString, optionalThe name of the property used to label each feature in the legend. Defaults to 'system:index'.