Applies the Hough transform to an image. For every input band, outputs a band where lines are detected by thresholding the Hough transform with a value of lineThreshold. The output band is named [input]_lines, where [input] is the name of the original band. The defaults provided for the parameters are intended as a starting point for use with UINT8 images.
ee.Algorithms.HoughTransform(image, gridSize, inputThreshold, lineThreshold, smooth)Image
imageImageThe image to which to apply the transform.
gridSizeInteger, default: 256The size of the grid over which to perform the computation.
inputThresholdFloat, default: 64Value threshold for input image. Pixels equal to or above this value are considered active.
lineThresholdFloat, default: 72Threshold for line detection. Values equal to or above this threshold on the Hough transform are considered to be detected lines.
smoothBoolean, default: trueWhether to smooth the Hough transform before line detection.