Draw a vector collection for visualization using a simple style language.
UsageReturns, pointSize, pointShape, width, fillColor, styleProperty, neighborhood, lineType)Image
this: collectionFeatureCollectionThe collection to draw.
colorString, default: "black"A default color (CSS 3.0 color value e.g. 'FF0000' or 'red') to use for drawing the features. Supports opacity (e.g.: 'FF000088' for 50% transparent red).
pointSizeInteger, default: 3The default size in pixels of the point markers.
pointShapeString, default: "circle"The default shape of the marker to draw at each point location. One of: circle, square, diamond, cross, plus, pentagram, hexagram, triangle, triangle_up, triangle_down, triangle_left, triangle_right, pentagon, hexagon, star5, star6. This argument also supports the following Matlab marker abbreviations: o, s, d, x, +, p, h, ^, v, <, >.
widthFloat, default: 2The default line width for lines and outlines for polygons and point shapes.
fillColorString, default: nullThe color for filling polygons and point shapes. Defaults to 'color' at 0.66 opacity.
stylePropertyString, default: nullA per-feature property expected to contain a dictionary. Values in the dictionary override any default values for that feature.
neighborhoodInteger, default: 5If styleProperty is used and any feature has a pointSize or width larger than the defaults, tiling artifacts can occur. Specifies the maximum neighborhood (pointSize + width) needed for any feature.
lineTypeString, default: "solid"The default line style for lines and outlines of polygons and point shapes. Defaults to 'solid'. One of: solid, dotted, dashed.