Returns an ErrorMargin of the given type with the given value.
ee.ErrorMargin(value, unit)ErrorMargin
valueFloat, default: nullThe maximum error value allowed by the margin. Ignored if the unit is 'infinite'.
unitString, default: "meters"The unit of this margin: 'meters', 'projected' or 'infinite'.


Code Editor (JavaScript)

// Construct a variety of error margins.
print(ee.ErrorMargin(0));  // unit: meters value: 0
print(ee.ErrorMargin(1));  // unit: meters value: 1
// Negative margin yields a positive value.
print(ee.ErrorMargin(-1));  // unit: meters value: 1
// Large values are turned into an 'infinite'
print(ee.ErrorMargin(1e8));  // unit: infinite
// A very large error margin does not quite trigger infinite, which is 2.0e7.
print(ee.ErrorMargin(1e7));  // unit: meters value: 10000000

// Being explicit about the units of the error margin.
print(ee.ErrorMargin(1, 'meters'));  // unit: meters value: 1
print(ee.ErrorMargin(1, 'projected'));  // unit: projected value: 1
print(ee.ErrorMargin(1, 'infinite'));  // unit: infinite