Adds a given EE object to the map as a layer.

Returns the new map layer.

Map.addLayer(eeObject, visParams, name, shown, opacity)ui.Map.Layer
this: ui.mapui.MapThe ui.Map instance.
eeObjectCollection|Feature|Image|MapIdThe object to add to the map.
visParamsFeatureVisualizationParameters|ImageVisualizationParameters, optionalThe visualization parameters. For Images and ImageCollection, see ee.data.getMapId for valid parameters. For Features and FeatureCollections, the only supported key is "color", as a 6-character hex string in the RRGGBB format.
nameString, optionalThe name of the layer. Defaults to "Layer N".
shownBoolean, optionalA flag indicating whether the layer should be on by default.
opacityNumber, optionalThe layer's opacity represented as a number between 0 and 1. Defaults to 1.


Code Editor (JavaScript)

// Define a ui.Map widget and add it to the cleared ui.root.
var map = ui.Map();
map.setCenter(-121.87, 37.44, 9);

// A Sentinel-2 surface reflectance image.
var image = ee.Image('COPERNICUS/S2_SR/20210109T185751_20210109T185931_T10SEG');

// Set multi-band RGB image visualization parameters. If the "bands" parameter
// is not defined, the first three bands are used.
var rgbVis = {
  bands: ['B11', 'B8', 'B3'],
  min: 0,
  max: 3000
map.addLayer(image, rgbVis, 'Multi-band RGB image');

// Set band-specific "min" and "max" properties.
var rgbVisBandSpec = {
  bands: ['B11', 'B8', 'B3'],
  min: [0, 75, 150],
  max: [3500, 3000, 2500]
map.addLayer(image, rgbVisBandSpec, 'Band-specific min/max');

// If you don't specify "min" and "max" properties, they will be determined
// from the data type range, often resulting in an ineffective color stretch.
map.addLayer(image.select('B8'), null, 'Default visParams');

// If an image layer has already been styled, set "visParams" as null.
var imageRgb = image.visualize(rgbVis);
map.addLayer(imageRgb, null, 'Pre-styled image');

// Use the "palette" parameter with single-band image inputs to define the
// linear color gradient to stretch between the "min" and "max" values.
var singleBandVis = {
  min: 0,
  max: 3000,
  palette: ['blue', 'yellow', 'green']
map.addLayer(image.select('B8'), singleBandVis, 'Single-band palette');

// Images within ImageCollections are automatically mosaicked according to mask
// status and image order. The last image in the collection takes priority,
// invalid pixels are filled by valid pixels in preceding images.
var imageCol = ee.ImageCollection('COPERNICUS/S2_SR')
                   .filterDate('2021-03-01', '2021-04-01');
map.addLayer(imageCol, rgbVis, 'ImageCollection mosaic');

// FeatureCollection, Feature, and Geometry objects can be styled using the
// "color" parameter.
var featureCol = ee.FeatureCollection('WCMC/WDPA/current/polygons');
map.addLayer(featureCol, {color: 'purple'}, 'FeatureCollection');