Centers the map view on a given object.

Returns the map.

Map.centerObject(object, zoom, onComplete)ui.Map
objectElement|GeometryAn object to center on - a geometry, image or feature.
zoomNumber, optionalThe zoom level, from 0 to 24. If unspecified, computed based on the object's bounding box.
onCompleteFunction, optionalA callback which is triggered after the recentering completes successfully. Passing this parameter causes the

centerObject operation to run asynchronously.


Code Editor (JavaScript)

// The default map in the Code Editor is a built-in ui.Map object called "Map".
// Let's refer to it as "defaultMap" for clarity.
var defaultMap = Map;

// ui.Map objects can be constructed. Here, a new map is declared.
var newMap = ui.Map({
  center: {lat: 0, lon: 0, zoom: 1},
  style: {position: 'bottom-right', width: '400px'}

// Add the newMap to the defaultMap.

// You can set the viewport of a ui.Map to be centered on an object.
// Here, the defaultMap is centered on a point with a selected zoom level.
var geom = ee.Geometry.Point(-122.0841, 37.4223);
defaultMap.centerObject(geom, 18);
defaultMap.addLayer(geom, {color: 'orange'}, 'Googleplex');

// Map extent can be fetched using the ui.Map.getBounds method.
print('defaultMap bounds as a list',
print('defaultMap bounds as a dictionary',
      ee.Dictionary.fromLists(['w', 's', 'e', 'n'], defaultMap.getBounds()));
print('defaultMap bounds as GeoJSON',
      defaultMap.getBounds({asGeoJSON: true}));

// Map center point can be fetched using the ui.Map.getCenter method.
print('defaultMap center as a Point geometry', defaultMap.getCenter());

// Map zoom level can be fetched using the ui.Map.getZoom method.
print('defaultMap zoom level', defaultMap.getZoom());

// Map scale can be fetched using the ui.Map.getScale method.
print('defaultMap approximate pixel scale', defaultMap.getScale());