Expanding the webmaster central team

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

You've probably already figured this out if you use Webmaster Tools, the webmaster help center, or our webmaster discussion forum, but the webmaster central team is a fantastic group of people. You have seen some of them helping out in the discussion forums, and you may have met a few more at conferences, but there are lots of others behind the scenes who you don't see, working on expanding Webmaster Tools, writing content, and generally doing all they can for you, the webmaster. Even the team members you don't see are paying close attention to your feedback: reading our discussion forum, as well as blogs and message boards. We introduced you to a few of the team before SES NY and Danny Sullivan told you about a few Googler alternatives before SES Chicago. We also have several interns working with us right now, including Marcel, who seems to have been the hit of the party at SMX Advanced.

I am truly pleased to welcome a new addition to the team, although she'll be a familiar face to many of you already. Susan Moskwa is joining Jonathan Simon as a webmaster trends analyst! She's already started posting on the forums and is doing lots of work behind the scenes. Jonathan does a wonderful job answering your questions and investigating issues that come up and he and Susan will make a great team. Susan is a bit of a linguistic genius, so she'll also be helping out in some of the international forums, where Dublin Googlers have started reading and replying to your questions. Want to know more about Susan? You just never know what you find when you do a Google search.