Bionic Posters help site owners worldwide

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Setting up and running a website is getting easier and easier, and it's wonderful to see so many new site owners sharing their voices with the world! For you as a webmaster it's pretty easy going... until you run into an issue that you just can't seem to solve on your own. Maybe some technical issues were flagged in your Webmaster Tools account; maybe you're just trying to get your robots.txt to block a certain part of your site; or maybe someone reported that they got a virus while visiting your site (gasp!). All of these issues can come up and sometimes it's helpful to have a helping hand when diagnosing and solving it.

Our Google Webmaster Help Group is a great place to get help. There are many site owners active in our group, friendly and ready to help others, often with first-hand experience. They can show you what might be wrong, show you how you can find answers in the future, and point you towards a solution that you'll be able to use.

Just recently a site owner came into the groups with a website that was having strange problems. Less than 20 minutes later, one of our dedicated members replied and pointed them to hidden content that was placed on their site by someone else. Finding that is bad enough; but not finding it is even more frustrating.

While there are lots of helpful people in our groups, we have some that really stand out as being exceptionally active, helpful, competent and friendly. They volunteer time and energy to help build a great community and to help webmasters all around the world. In order to more publicly recognize their contributions, we're calling them our Bionic Posters. We want to highlight their outstanding efforts and thank them for the sound advice they've offered to so many.

We wanted to take a minute and send a shout out to our Bionic Posters:

Thank you all for helping to make the Webmaster Help Group such a success!

Come and visit the Webmaster Help Groups and see how you can make a difference as well. Be bionic!