Happy Halloween to our spooktacular webmasters!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

With apologizes to Vic Mizzy, we've written short verse to the tune of the " Addams Family " theme (please use your imagination):

We may be hobbyists or just geeky,
Building websites and acting cheeky,
Javascript redirects we won't make sneaky,
Our webmaster fam-i-ly!

Happy Halloween everyone! You can join the discussion and share your Halloween stories and costumes.

Magnum P.I., Punk Rocker, Rubik's Cube, Mr. T., and Rainbow Brite
a.k.a. Several members of our Webmaster Tools team: Dennis Geels, Jonathan Simon, Sean Harding, Nish Thakkar, and Amanda Camp

Panda and Lolcat
Or just Evan Tang and Matt Cutts?

7 Indexing Engineers and 1 Burrito

Cheese Wysz, Internet Repairman, Community Chest, Internet Pirate (don't tell the RIAA)
Helpful members of the Webmaster Help Group: Wysz, MattD, Nathan Johns (nathanj) , and Bergy

Webspam Engineer Shashi Thakur (in the same outfit he wore to Searchnomics )

Hawaiian Surfer Dude and Firefox
Members of Webmaster Central's communications team: Reid Yokoyama and Mariya Moeva

Napolean Dynamite and Raiderfan
Shyam Jayaraman (speaking at SES Chicago, hopefully doing the dance ) and me