Search Central Live: Tokyo and future plans for APAC

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Search Central Live is back in Asia Pacific throughout 2023 and we can’t wait to meet you in person! In November 2022 we resumed our search event series with SCL Singapore. Encouraged by the success of the event, we're now ready to bring the events to more locations in the Asia Pacific region.

Search Central Live Tokyo 2023

As usual, you can expect the same things from these events as our past conferences: lots of talks from Googlers and other speakers, lots of mingling with your fellow site owners and SEOs, maybe some fun activities.

Tokyo, Japan

We start our 2023 SCL series in Tokyo, Japan, on June 16, 2023. The talks will be in Japanese either through native speakers or interpreters, and we'll provide snacks (important!). Interested? If you understand and speak Japanese fluently, register for a chance to secure a spot for yourself at the Search Central Live Tokyo 2023! We have a limited number of seats, and we'll let you know by June 9, 2023 if you've got a spot

Future plans for APAC

Before you plan a trip to Japan just for SCL Tokyo, in 2023 we're also planning to bring SCL to more locations across the wider APAC region. Specifically, India, Indonesia, Japan (again!), Singapore, and Taiwan are on our list.

Want to know when the events happen exactly? Look out for Search Central Live event announcements on this blog, Twitter, or the Search Central Live page. If you have questions, see if we already covered it in our FAQ or ask on Twitter or in the Google Search Central Help Community. We hope to see you soon in person at these events!