The role of page experience in creating helpful content

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Helpful content generally offers a good page experience. That's why today, we've added a section on page experience to our guidance on creating helpful content and revised our help page about page experience. We think this all will help site owners consider page experience more holistically as part of the content creation process.

Streamlining our page experience guidance

For years, our core ranking systems have sought to reward content providing a good page experience, as covered in guidance we gave in 2011, updated in 2019 and made part of our Creating helpful, reliable, people-first content help page last year.

That help page is a key resource for our Search Essentials. We regularly refer anyone seeking to be successful with Google Search to read through the self-assessment questions and other guidance on it. But while some aspects of page experience were covered in the page's "Presentation and production questions" section, others were not. We've now improved this by adding a section on providing a great page experience, to explain how those hoping to be successful in Search should be considering this.

In turn, that section links over to our revised Understanding page experience in Google Search results help page, which explains the role of page experience in more detail, along with self-assessment questions and resources. That page brings together in one place some key aspects of page experience to consider, aspects that are unchanged from what we've talked about in recent years.

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