Better recipes on the web: Introducing recipe rich snippets

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Anticipating the start of the season of barbecues and potlucks, we've added recipes as our newest rich snippets format. This means that for certain sites with recipe content, Google users will see quick facts when these recipe pages show up as part of the search results.

For example, if you were searching for an easy to make thai mango salad, you can now see user ratings, preparation time, and a picture of the dish directly in search result snippets.

recipe search result

Recipes is the fifth format we support, following the introduction of reviews, people, video and, most recently, events.

If you have recipe content on your site, you can get started now by marking up your recipes with microdata, RDFa, or the hRecipe microformat. To learn more, read our documentation on how to mark up recipe information or our general help articles on rich snippets for a more complete overview.

Please remember that to ensure a great user experience we're taking a gradual approach to surface rich snippets. This means that we can't guarantee that marking up your site will result in a rich snippet when your page shows up on our search results. However, we encourage you to get started, and once you're done you can test your pages with our rich snippets testing tool.