Changes in First Click Free

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

We love helping publishers make their content available to large groups of readers, and working on ways to make the world's information useful and accessible through our search results. At the same time, we're also aware of the fact that creating high-quality content is not easy and, in many cases, expensive. This is one of the reasons why we initially launched First Click Free for Google News and Google Web Search —to allow publishers to sell access to their content in general while still allowing users to find it through our search results.

While we're happy to see that a number of publishers are already using First Click Free, we've found that some who might try it are worried about people abusing the spirit of First Click Free to access almost all of their content. As most users are generally happy to be able to access just a few pages from these premium content providers, we've decided to allow publishers to limit the number of accesses under the First Click Free policy to five free accesses per user each day. This change applies to both Google News publishers as well as websites indexed in Google's Web Search. We hope that this encourages even more publishers to open up more content to users around the world!

Questions and answers about First Click Free

Do the rest of the old guidelines still apply?
Yes, please check the guidelines for Google News as well as the guidelines for Web Search and the associated blog post for more information.

Can I apply First Click Free to only a section of my site / only for Google News (or only for Web Search)?
Sure! Just make sure that both Googlebot and users from the appropriate search results can view the content as required. Keep in mind that showing Googlebot the full content of a page while showing users a registration page would be considered cloaking.

Do I have to sign up to use First Click Free?
Please let us know about your decision to use First Click Free if you are using it for Google News. There's no need to inform us of the First Click Free status for Google Web Search.

What is the preferred way to count a user's accesses?
Since there are many different site architectures, we believe it's best to leave this up to the publisher to decide.

Please see our related blog post for more information on First Click Free for Google News.