Making more housecalls

Saturday, May 24, 2008

All of us with Webmaster Central share one passion: a serious love for improving the Internet.

If you're organizing an event with an audience that would benefit from our discussing building search engine friendly sites and maximizing the resources of Webmaster Central—such as our Webmaster Tools, Help Center and Discussion Group —please submit a speaker request. We'll work with our Corporate Communications team to see if we can add your event to our schedule.

With the intention of helping people make great content accessible on the web, we attended over 15 events this year—including search conferences, business schools and marketing expos. We feel that we can be most helpful to:

  • Site owners/webmasters/bloggers who feature original, compelling content or tools, such as their...
    • Neighborhood store, restaurant, dentist office, etc.
    • Service or product (for example, freelance photographer or online wizard for house decorating)
    • Passion, hobby, opinion (latest from the San Francisco music scene, perspectives on the upcoming election)
  • Web developers, web designers, SEOs/SEMs who build sites for others

Submitting a speaking request does not guarantee our attendance, but we'll definitely review each submission with our Communications team. Also, if we can't attend your event this time around, but we feel we could make a positive impact in the future, we'll keep the event on our radar.

Now I'd love to introduce two of our newest speakers who have been active in the Webmaster Help Group for some time: Michael Wyszomierski and Reid Yokoyama.

Michael Wyszomierski and Reid Yokoyama
Hi, I'm Michael, but I go by "Wysz" in the Webmaster Help Group. When I'm not talking to webmasters or doing other search-related work, I like to tinker with my personal blog, take photos, and edit videos. Blogs, videos, podcasts, and other online media often come to my rescue when I'm searching for information online, so I'd love to talk to fellow content providers about how to make sure their sites can be understood by Google.
Hi, I'm Reid. I'm originally from St. Louis, Missouri, but have fallen in love with the weather, biking trails, and culture of the Bay Area. I studied to be a historian and even wrote a Senior honors thesis on Japanese American resettlement in San Francisco after WWII, but as an avid blogger, found myself increasingly interested in the transaction of knowledge and information through the Internet. I'm particularly passionate about helping small businesses build out high quality websites and helping them understand how Google's tools can help them in the process.