Simplified Chinese blog: SEO secret weapon, Google Webmaster Tools


At a time like today when search engines play such an important role in the cyberworld, apart from content management and website maintenance, webmasters regard how to promote their own websites through search engine as another important responsibility. As the world’s largest search engine, Google has always emphasized communication with webmasters. On August 2006, Google launched Webmaster Tools on Webmaster Central (English), followed by a Chinese version.

You’ve never heard of Google Webmaster Tools? You are not alone.

On May 2007, I attended the SES conference in Xiamen, Fujian. To my surprise, a majority of Chinese webmasters, including SEOs, have no idea about this great tool that Google created for them. In other words, most Chinese webmasters and SEOs are far left behind in the knowledge of tools that Google provides for information about their web site.

Before Google Webmaster Tools was launched, the way for a regular website to promote itself was to manage the content with the hope that Google can index their website and rank high on search result pages. However, the webmaster would have no idea as to w