Verifying your site

October 04, 2005


Once you verify your site, we show you additional statistics. We require verification to make sure that we only show these stats to site owners.

When you verify, we ask you upload a unique text file to a particular directory on your webserver. Periodically, we check to see if this file still exists. We do this to make sure you still own the site. If we can't find this file when we recheck, we ask you to verify again.

Questions you might have about verification:

Once I've verified my site, can I delete the verification text file?

You can delete it once you've verified, but when we do our periodic check for it, we'll ask you to upload it again.

Someone who used to have write-access to my site no longer does. How can I make sure this person can no longer see the stats for my site?

Simply delete the verification file. When we do our next periodic check, if that person tries to see stats for the site, we'll ask for the file again. Since that person no longer has write access to the site, we won't find the file and won't show the additional statistics any longer.

But I still want to see stats for the site. How can I do that if my site is no longer verified?

We ask for a different verification file for each Google Account. You can log in with your Google Account and still see statistics.

The person who uploaded the Sitemaps for my site no longer has write access. I don't have access to that person's Google Account. How can I see information about my site?

Simply log in with your own Google Account and submit your Sitemaps using that account. We'll ask you to upload a verification file that is unique to your Google Account so that you can see additional stats for your site.