Introducing a new JavaScript SEO video series

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

We made a new video series on JavaScript SEO that benefits both web developers and SEOs. In the series we want to help making discoverable web apps with JavaScript.

JavaScript is popular as it allows to build more engaging web applications. JavaScript frameworks are widely used as they:

  • Improve developer productivity by providing useful utilities and tooling
  • Allow faster prototyping cycles thanks to their ecosystems of components and libraries
  • Help structuring the code even in larger application codebases

JavaScript also brings a few new considerations and challenges to SEO. Some of the considerations are strategic and some are more technical. In the video series, we'll cover:

  • The difference between classic and JavaScript sites
  • How Google Search crawls, renders, and indexes JavaScript content
  • SEO fundamentals for React, Angular, and Vue
  • Tools to test and debug a JavaScript site
  • What dynamic rendering is and how to set it up with Rendertron

Check out the JavaScript SEO YouTube playlist and subscribe to the Google Webmasters channel to get the weekly episodes when they go online. We are looking forward to your feedback and are all ears for your input on further episodes. You can reach us through the Webmaster Forum, the Google Webmasters Twitter account or in the YouTube comments under the videos.